Welcome to Berlin

Why come to Berlin...

Whether you are looking for luxury or a more alternative way of spending your time.  Berlin is your first choice, because...

... Berlin is no longer an insider tip. During the last 10 years Berlin had a continuous growth of the convention sector in every single year. In 2017 about 11.7 Mio participants took part in one of over 140.200 events within the convention sector. This is an increase of participants of 44 % since 2007.

visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

visitBerlin, Foto: Florian Willnauer

... Berlin offers the perfect location for every event. The city has a huge variety of venues. Whether a historical industrial building or a highly modern congress centre, Berlin is prepared to fulfil your needs and wishes and make it a unique experience.

... Berlin is adapting to your event. For huge events, such as “Karneval der Kulturen” (en: Carnival of Cultures) the whole city becomes a stage. With the traffic redirected away from the scennes of action the people flock to Berlin-Kreuzberg to watch and enjoy the spectacle. This makes culture come alive!

visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien
visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

... Berlin is the city of contrasts.  Whether a luxury hotel in Mitte or a treehouse at Krumme Lanke, a currywurst at the zoo or fine dining in Charlottenburg, shopping at KaDeWe or just relaxing for a little while in one of the over 2.500 public parks and green areas around the city. Berlin has everything to offer.

... Berlin doesn´t just score with the usual. Classical French fine dining is of yesterday, today we play a little with the old ways. E.g. at a local brewery the chef of the in-house restaurant is creating menus in which the main ingredient regarding taste as well as texture is always the in-house beer. 

Jeeva Gibbs


visitBerlin, Foto: Mike Auerbach

... Berlin remembers you. Be part of Berlin culture and perpetuate yourself in the urban image. Delve into the world of Berlin Streetart and create your own graffiti on the walls of Berlin.

... Berlin is starting up. In the matter of start-up and innovation, the German capital is well-placed among its competitors, such as Paris, London and Barcelona. Nowhere else more companies are founded and trends set. Whether food & beverage or art & culture, always expect the unexpected!

visitBerlin, Foto: Philip Koschel
visitBerlin, Foto: Thomas Kierok

... Berlin is simply Berlin. So much history, so much change – there are very few places in Germany where you can experience the changes of the past as intense as here in the German capital.