Visitor Comments 2013

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[…] The Meeting Place Berlin gathering was tops - flawless in organization, quality of meetings, venues showcased, group and optional tours and special events plus top quality hotels and their world-class accommodations and staff. The Meeting Place Berlin team did an outstanding job from start to finish and was always on top of every aspect and detail of the three dimensional event with so many components.
Meeting Place Berlin is a professional gathering which rates in the top of those offered around the world. There was one "wow" after the next....even the marvelous way the "one on one" meeting appointments were set up and handled (in a Palace with a costumed chamber orchestra!) was the best ever. Every little detail was managed to the absolute best. You showed that Berlin is a place for world-class MICE events and ready for anything.
Thank you again for all you did to make the event flawless in every way and did so with an ever constant smile. […]It is hard to imagine we were gathered in Berlin for just a few days as the scheduled was delightfully packed with one jewel after the next. […]
Virginia Mampre, CFEE - Meetings and Incentive Travel / Mampre Media International, LLC. - USA


[...] Let me express my sincere thanks for the invitation and the outstanding organisation. It was one of the best organized site inspections (and I'm 38 years in the business). [...] Berlin offers a lot of possibilities, people are very friendly and it looks very safe. Be sure I will propose Berlin to our management for one of our meetings in 2014. [...] Thanks again and hope to meet you again [...]
Linda Debois - Komatsu Europe International N.V. - Belgium


[...] I wish really to say a great THANKS for all great care, organisation and all little/big details that have created an unforgettable event. I often join fam trip (since 15 years more or less) but this had been really different and top level in terms of programmes, menù, venues and excursions proposed. You and your staff have done an excellent work. Thanks again!!! [...]
Diana Balzaretti - TONIDIBLU SRL - Italy


[…]Back home after having enjoyed one extra day in Berlin, I’d like to sincerely thank you and the whole theme at the Berlin Convention Office, for the wonderful Meeting Place Berlin 2013. It was a huge succes, congratulations! The organization was just superb and the program, both educational and entertaining. I was also impressed by the friendliness of all of you involved but also from all the Berliners in general. It has been a real pleasure ! Therefore, once again, thank you and hope to be able to book an event in Berlin soon ! […]
Jean-louis van Aelst - MASTER EVENTS SA/NV - Belgium


[…]Thank you for your email with the pictures and thank you for presenting such a well-organized and wonderful event ! I believe this is the best one I’ve been too. I learned so much valuable information regarding hotel locations and meeting possibilities as well as getting a great knowledge of nearby restaurants and event spaces that I would not have had previous knowledge of. [ Again, I thank you all at Meeting Place Berlin – it was wonderful meeting so many nice people !!!! […]
Susan Donohue - Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals - USA


[…]I would like to congratulate you and your whole team, for a first class presentation of Meet in Berlin. The whole trip was quite spectacular from beginning to end. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality, and for giving me the opportunity to update my knowledge of Berlin. In future we will think Berlin First for meetings and events. […]
Barrie Ring - Conference Desk – United Kingdom


[…]First of all I would like to congratulate you all with the perfect organization of this fantastic program! Indeed I gathered a lot of inspiration and had very interesting contacts! I will certainly keep you informed about our eventual plans to organize an event in Berlin and also pass the contacts to other event organizers in my network![…]
Christine Breugelmans - Flemish Government - Belgium


[...] Thanks for fantastic days in Berlin. I have seldom being taken care of so well. Everything have worked very smoothly from arrival at the airport to transfers, accommodation and all events. I have learned a lot, seen interesting meeting locations and new parts of Berlin. I hope I can convince my board to arrange the meeting we have in planning to Berlin Q1 2014. Please forward my best regards and a round of applauds to all involved. You have done a fantastic job with this event. [...]
Per Öhrngren - The European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences -EUFEPS- - Sweden


[…]Thank you so much for a very rewarding ” Meeting place Berlin workshop”. I am now back in the office, stayed on in Berlin to learn even more…
It was a well organized and very educational workshop – Thank you for letting me be part of it..! [...] I have got good information and contacts I will most certainly be in contact with.. […]
Boijan Roos - Hummingbird Lifestyle Travel - Sweden


[...] I would like to thank you personally and the entire Convention Berlin Team for your great and exclusive organization that make everyone so special ! A really wonderful experience in Berlin for my first time. Very well organized, interesting, many added valued to sell now !!! [...]
Virginie Thomassier – Eggplus - Switzerland