Hosted Buyer

Congratulations on the organization. Everything was excellent (planning, design and execution of the event). I liked it from the first email received!Incredible friendly and professional staff. I was really impressed with the "office" built for each supplier during the Meet Professionals Day.

José Pikunic - Esphera Travel, Croatia


As from landing, upon departure the best organised well scheduled and fruitful event I have attended by far... I would like to thank the entire team as from the drivers, hotel staff, tour guide, partners, suppliers and sorry for forgotten ones... AMAZING job. Well done. Keep on for ages…

Ben Hoffman – Paragon Group, Israel


I liked the overall programme: the idea of having both, business and fun. We had an opportunity to see Berlin from different sides. To see how the city is advanced in modern trends: sustainability, event locations for different audiences, sizes, purposes and networking opportunities. It was my first time in Berlin and thanks to the programme I would like to come back there again.

Irina Bespalova - Kenes International, Israel


There are so many things which have been excellent, it is hard to choose.

The "Meet Professional Day" was very well organized and an effective possibility get a glance on hotels, event locations and suppliers. Also the "Meet Berlin Day" gave interesting insights. The Trabi Safari was a funny and unusual experience....

Pamela Bogner - GTUG e.V./ Connect Deutschland e.V., Germany