Visitor comments 2017

„The professionalism and efficiency of the event allowed me to feel that I have a deep understanding of the outstanding meeting capabilities of the city. I feel that I saw what I needed to see in order to "envision" an AED International Conference in the city, and have in fact recommended it. I found the representatives warm, hospitable, knowledgeable - it was the best organized familiarization trip I have been on and over 40 years I've been on dozens and dozens. I was surprised by Berlin - I had an impression before the visit, and my impression didn't begin to do justice to this edgy, different, wonderful city. I like the can-do spirit in the city!”

Elissa Myers - Academy for Eating Disorders -AED-


„Meeting Place Berlin was perfectly organized and very interesting, a very new approach for me, not like IMEX and IBTM, but 100 times better. I have gained so many contacts and friends during these days, and have had a chance to get to know different suppliers not only on appointments, but also during the evenings.”

Oleksandr Bodziurei - BCD Travel Ukraine


„A beautiful city with incentive potential. Excellent for younger IT clients who are seeking a hip, creative experience with some history on the side. Very impressed with the pride that Berliners take in their "new" united city. The event was extremely well-produced and executed, ground staff and coaches were first rate. I also liked that our large group was regionalized into smaller groups, so it was easier to make friends. You also introduced to concepts I would never have guessed to find in Berlin, i.e. beaches, graffiti as art, and river cruises. Thank you!!”

Glenn Corner - Enterprise Events Group, Inc.